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Position Vacant: COO Empty Position Vacant: COO

Post  Johnathon Neilsen on Wed Jun 24, 2009 5:59 am


Position Ref: 5432EKQCOO
Title: Chief Operations Officer
Base: Dubai, United Arab Emirates.*
Salary: v$213,500-v$223,500**

The Chief Operations Officer ensures the day to day runnings of the airline are maintaining their intending duties and roles. This position is a member of the Board of Directors, occupying the VP of Operations chair. They report to the CEO and Chairman on the performance of the airline and operations.


The successful candidate will have excellent communication skills within the industry and be very people friendly. They will also be over the age of 16 and be able to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Photoshop skills preffered but NOT required.

If you are interested in the above position please email me here: johnathon.neilsen@westnet.com.au with your resume, why you want the job, your name and VATSIM ID.

Position filled.

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