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WSSS Real-Ops 2009! Empty WSSS Real-Ops 2009!

Post  Romano Lara on Sun Jul 12, 2009 4:06 am

WSSS Real-Ops 2009! Banner-o-s-1

The Singapore Real-Ops 2009 site is now officially up and ready to book flights! There are about 45 passenger and cargo airliners represented with over 200 departures and over 190 scheduled arrivals for this 12-hour event!

With estimated 22 departures per hour and an average of 20 arrivals per hour. Take note that this wouldn't be a simple fly-in, this is way bigger and better. Since it's a real-ops it's going to be the same for every operations, not just for schedules. We have a live dispatch and operations to watch over every movements and to ensure that everything is well coordinated.

Are we suppose to book ONLY Emirates flight? No. You can always book other flights, there's no restriction. This is an event for you to not miss, this is 1st time in Singapore; would you like to miss it? If I were you, grab your flights now, prepare your aircraft as this is going to be BIGGER, BETTER and last but not the least, EXTREMELY FUN!!

Un-scheduled flights are always welcome, but you must understand that scheduled (booked) flights have higher priority, so expect some delay should you fly an un-scheduled flight. It's all about the experience!!

I will be manning Singapore Delivery (WSSS_DEL) for about 5 hours, 1st shift. That should be 0400-1000Z. There's also a high possibility that I will shift to another position through the event, maybe Ground or Tower. I preferred non-radar positions this time, since I'm on Delivery, it's going to be busy as it should be. See you there!

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