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We Are Still Here! Empty We Are Still Here!

Post  Johnathon Neilsen on Wed Jun 24, 2009 5:49 am

Hello Everyone,

Never fret we are still here and in development.

To keep ourselves focused and on track I have created a timeline by which certain things should be done, to help us keep on track. Our anticipated opening date will be 25th September 2009.*

8th July 2009 -> FIrst edition of SOP released for general review and feedback.
12th July 2009 -> Website development should immidiately commence to remain on schedule.*
13th July 2009 -> First staff members hired, to assist in final stages of development.*

* Indicates Dates are subject to change, pending website development and other issues.

This should broaden your horizons on where we want to be when it comes to the creation aspects.

Losing Rob was a big blow, as he was an excellent Graphic artist and could have given us excellent publicitly, however he has made his decision and we must move on.

Applications are now open for the vacant positions, please see the repsective thread for each one.


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